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Digging Deep

I have big expectations for this year. Yes, it’s the 4th week of the new year and I’m talking about it. I like to wait until the buzz of the ball drop and parties and resolutions has passed, to filter through to true feelings and dreams. I have done quite well with these so far and hope that I continue in my aspirations…..

I have decided that I will pause longer; dig deeper – PAST the layer after the surface – enjoy progress, appreciate every situation and event – yes, that includes failures, baths, walks, pain, talks, learning and a whole lot of other things…. To essentially stop and smell the roses and put a meaning to that overspoken and underused phrase.

I am choosing to be deliberate about the decisions I make, commitments I have, relationships, work, outlook on life and words I say.

And even though I still have stress and bad days, I enjoy myself more. I enjoy my relationships more. I enjoy.

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